Technician Services / Calibration

Calibration and Technician Services When and Where You Need Them

Manufacturers spend a lot of time on instrumentation and calibration issues, but you don’t have to shoulder the burden on your own. MAVERICK Technologies provides a range of technician services — including instrument calibration services and process control equipment calibration consulting — as part of our Field Services offering.

We needed ongoing calibration support for our boilers, and MAVERICK was able to handle this without taxing our resources.
— Satisfied Customer, Food and Beverage Industry

The MAVERICK Approach

At MAVERICK, we combine best-practice expertise with broad service flexibility to meet your needs. Because we’re platform-independent, we can work on a wide range of technologies in your facility. We can calibrate instruments according to your specific standards and preferences. And we’ll work around your hours and project requirements, dispatching the right number of technicians with the right skills for the job and the right fit for your company culture. With teams located at each of our U.S. locations, we respond promptly to customer requests — and can provide ongoing remote support from our U.S.-based PlantFloor24® 24/7/365 global operations center.

MAVERICK can help:

  • Verify that appropriate calibration standards are available and NIST certifications are on file
  • Compare installed equipment to piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) and / or ISA data sheets in order to verify application accuracy
  • Inspect and verify correct installation for individual instruments
  • Calibrate instrumentation using industry / plant / mill standards and your recommended procedures
  • Provide electronic and hard copies of documentation regarding service; equipment OEM, model and serial number; calibration standard used; and as-found values (AFV) and as-left values (ALV)

Manufacturing Equipment Calibration Consulting

We’ve successfully completed hundreds of technical jobs in the following industries: food and beverage, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, pulp and paper, life sciences, and high-tech manufacturing.