Staff Augmentation

In many process plants, operations and maintenance tasks can consume all of the man-hours available from on-site automation professionals, leaving little to no time for continuous improvements and capital projects. In some cases, facilities find it difficult to recruit and maintain even the minimum staffing required for operations and maintenance.

Whether you need on-site personnel with specialized skills or you simply need to increase your staffing levels for the implementation of a large project, you can gain agility and expertise through the flexible staffing offered by our PlantFloor24® remote management and monitoring solution.

For off-site support, MAVERICK Technologies’ expert technicians use remote access to gain real-time insight into your operations. Smart instruments provide a host of diagnostic information that allows us to resolve many issues without ever having to contact your off-duty staff. Our 24/7/365 remote monitoring system analysis also offers insight into opportunities for potential improvement. We can even test these suggestions prior to implementation to ensure they will deliver the expected results.

Benefits of staff augmentation:

  • 24/7/365 support
  • Easier, quicker and less expensive than hiring full-time, in-house staff
  • Highly specialized expertise and advice
  • Can be ramped up and down as required
  • Provides off-site software testing prior to implementation

Staff augmentation can provide a number of benefits to process facilities, such as improved operations and maintenance and needed expertise for continuous improvement and capital projects. By partnering with MAVERICK for your supplementary staffing needs, you get support that suits your facilities and processes.


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