The SureStart® Implementation Process

Though on-time completion is the goal of every startup project, it’s not always the reality. Improper commissioning practices are often one of the contributors for a bad start up. Poor communication causes wasted effort and rework. Poorly coordinated efforts result in unobtainable startup deadlines. And a lack of a thorough commissioning plan can lead to post-startup equipment failure and a potential increase in off-spec production.

Attempting to execute startup and commissioning without an established process is the fastest way to miss your deadline, overrun your budget and reduce post-startup reliability. Fortunately, there’s SureStart.

The proven SureStart process is designed to maximize the reliability of your operations while meeting or improving your intended startup completion date. And with our eStart® digital commissioning tool, you’ll receive real-time progress updates so you’ll always know exactly how close we are to completion. We work in parallel with construction efforts, and our four-step process allows us to identify and eliminate issues prior to full dynamic testing. This pre-inspection, pre-check, pre-test method eliminates interruptions in the live process simulation so that the full dynamic test is as close as possible to normal operation. A thorough, uninterrupted final test greatly enhances the overall safety of the new process.

The SureStart implementation process:

  • Pre-static inspection – Monitor construction progress for mechanical completion and installation issues
  • Static checks – Monitor construction progress for electrical completion and wiring issues
  • Pre-dynamic testing – Demonstrate and confirm the functionality of all instruments, motors, valves and other control devices
  • Final dynamic testing – Transfer ownership to operations and engineering for loop tuning, interlock testing and complete functional testing


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